Conservation areas of Vitebsk Voblast

Vitsebsk Voblast boasts some beautiful and varied landscapes. Old coniferous forests represent 60% of the entire forest area.
Some of the largest forests can be found in Rassony, Polatsk, Lepel and Haradok Districts.

Vitsebsk Voblast lies at the northern boundary of the range of the Brown Bear, whose population within the Voblast numbers around 120 species.

Conservation areas include 324 sites, and occupy a territory of 351,000 hectares, or 8.8% of the total land area of Vitsebsk Voblast.

The Voblast has one active nature reserve, two national parks, 88 wildlife reserves, and 200 natural heritage sites.


Vitsebsk Regional Committee for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection
210029, Vitsebsk, ul. Pravdy 26a
+375-(0) 212 47-66-70



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