Rychy wildlife reserve

Historical and cultural heritage

The Reserve has two natural monuments of national significance. Anisimavichsky Boulder (3,6 х 1,8 х 1,5 m), weighing 15 tons, is located 0.3 km South of Lake Rychy off Anisimavich Village, and the 38 ton Devil's/Rychy Boulder (4,2 х 3,4 х 1,9 м) found on an Kalinets Island. Photo: Anisimavichsky Boulder and spring, natural monuments of local significance
At the edge of the reserve is the traditional old-believer village of Mikalayuntsy, remarkable for the lifestyle and traditions of its inhabitants.
To date, two tourist trails have been developed - one hiking, one bicycling. A horseback riding trail is under preparation. The area can attract large numbers of religous worshippers, given the abundance of Catholic, Orthodox and Old-believer temples. The reserve has a number of surviving nobility estates, with alleys and remains of old buildings.
Recreational fishing is a popular pastime of the local dwellers.
As many as 16 categories of highly valuable natural objects have been identified, including rare plant communities, habitats, and populations of protected plant and animal species. These include:
1) Lake Rychy, with clear water and multiple rare plants;
2) Five habitats of rare Red Book plant species;
3) Eight habitats of rare vertebrae species
4) Two habitats of rare zooplancton species.
The state environmental protection authority Braslau-Rychy was establlshed in 2010 to manage the territory of the reserve.
Business address:
           Mezhany Agricultural Township, Braslau District, Vitsebsk Voblast
           Е-mail: Braslau-Rychy@mail/ru
          Tel. 8-02153-24515
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          Mobile: 33-6794076
Director: Molokov, Alexander Vasilyevich

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